How to create an eerie impressive product?
How to create an eerie impressive product?

As a paper and gift manufactory, our goal has always been to produce impressive paper products and gradually distance ourselves from the production of only postcards and greeting cards. In the beginning, for us, that meant making special, extravagant, graduated greeting cards with blind embossing that created a subtle 3D effect, paired with a very detailed outline and intricately laser cut pattern. Step by step creating new products with character also to show what we can do as a manufactory. High quality, uniqueness, handmade.

Making “impressive” or special products always means breaking new ground, reinterpreting things and combining new things with existing concepts. A little bolder in our thinking, we wanted to breathe more life into our paper products. So we took the 3D approach of the greeting cards and took it to a new level, on a larger scale you can say. Slowly leaving the field of making only different types of cards to complex paper (craft) products.

We decided to take animals as future paper (craft) products. However, we wanted to add more special features to our product, which should make the animal heads stand out further as an idea. In addition to the unique style of 3D effect, which comes from plugging together and makes the animal heads look alive. Build on realistic design made by our in-house illustrator, show the animals in their natural environment and elaborate extraordinary details by using our paper laser such as the whiskers on our seal head or the fur on the wolf and saber-toothed tiger head.

The possibility of making the animal heads together with children makes the product a suitable choice not only as a decoration or as a “learning” product, it also serves as a great occasion to spend time with the family.

We are proud to say that every step in the production is made by us and done at our company. From the idea, to the design, to the printing, the laser cutting and finally the packing and shipping. 100% Made in Germany. 😊

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