Bring the reception room to life

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Illuminated moss wall

After talking with our client, the desire to bring a bit of nature into the reception room came up. The result should be as sustainable and natural as possible. A quick brainstorm later and eureka! The idea was born to design a moss wall with individual accent. 

Now the production could start. Our graphic design office has designed the desired shape. After that, our employees from production were in demand.

The island shape was milled out in one piece from a two-by-three-meter, two-centimeter-thick wooden panel.

The milled Darß island should also be illuminated from the back. After some research, the right lighting for it was also found.

On the day of assembly: After a short preparation, we began the assembly of the moss wall, element by element. After about five hours of assembly, the moss wall now enlivened the room. We captured everything in a time-lapse video. Have fun watching!

Packing for season tickets

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An aerosol can as a package

FC Hansa attaches great importance to customer loyalty, especially with regard to the dispatch of season tickets.

Therefore, the idea was to design a spray can with a removable bottom.

After the cans arrived at our farm, further processing could begin. First, the bottom of each can was cut out with the router. Each can had to be held in place by hand, otherwise it would have rotated in the milling mold and cutting would not work. After the can bottom was cut out, the cut edges were sanded by hand by our staff.

The cap was glued to the can and the printed lid was attached.

The closure with the lid was designed by our graphic design office and completely printed and laser cut in-house. Further processing took place in the workshops for the disabled. You have glued the magnetic parts to the shutter. As simple as it sounds, you also have to make sure that you place the magnets correctly so that the bottom part also fits the lid.

The employees of the sheltered workshops were especially proud and full of excitement that they could participate in such a project.

The finished spray can as packaging was then sent by the club to the owners of the season tickets of F.C. Hansa Rostock by mail in the last step. The project was a complete success and met with very positive feedback.

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Packing for music boxes

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Series of boxes with different finishing

A very good, long-time friend and customer Josef came to us one day with a request if we could also produce boxes.

At that time, we only specialized in digital printing and could not yet produce packaging in such a form.

We stand behind our customers and want to fulfill their wishes as far as possible, moreover, it was also an impetus to learn something new.

Our production manager then sought advice from a specialist and was blown away by the possibilities of the new machine.

We then brought a platen press into the house and were able to produce the desired boxes quickly and in high quality

Since then, we believe that the platen press is a marvel of technology. This paved the way to print finishing and made us see the subject from a new perspective.

We would like to thank Josef for this!