Nice to see you

If you are here, it means that you are interested in our company.  Therefore a big THANK YOU! already. So, who are we anyway? We are Gespänsterwald. Your specialists for material finishing in and around Rostock as well as creative manufactory for gift articles (B2BB2C).  If you want to know exactly what we mean by material refinement please have a look at our services. 

We are active in two areas: Firstly, special productions for business customers – customized, innovative products for your company and your challenges. And on the other hand, we produce gift items with our own design in-house and sell them, among others, in our online stores (B2B & B2C). In the latter, we are also active on an international level. 

You are a retailer and would like to sell our products in your store? Then we are looking forward to your contact. To do so, simply use the contact field at the top right.

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“That’s us!” – Video (German)

Short interview


… that sounds rather stiff, but describes our work and our scope of services quite accurately. However, when asked how we identify ourselves, “creative manufactory” is the word we like to use a lot.

Why this 

Well, through our many unique projects, we have the opportunity to be tremendously creative in designing the product experience for the client(s). In the realization we always pay attention to combine sustainability and economy.


Made in Germany


And why exactly

It suits us. This involves specialists or professionals in different fields working together in a production facility to manufacture a common end product. Sounds like Wikipedia? Caught me, I would say. But that is exactly what makes us.

We have specialists in many fields, who also manufacture products by hand and in cooperation. That is why our products have high quality. Additionally, especially nowadays, people like to associate manufacture with high quality, which we also live up to in every project.

"What makes 
you guys?"

There are many things. However, authenticity and quality are by far the two most important points. But you might have already noticed by reading this text. One thing we never confuse or forget: in our work we are always professional.