Who is actually Gespänsterwald?
Who is actually Gespänsterwald?

Our company is a small creative manufactory in Rostock and therefore also produces some maritime motifs. Hansesail, for example, is a great theme for such maritime motifs. However, the main focus is on the occasions. Thanks to the large machine park, there are many possibilities for innovative and diverse products, behind which we stand fully and ensure their high quality.

ℹ️ By the way, you can find a small, somewhat more personal interview with us including a small tour of the company as a video here:

Gespänsterwald is a very open-minded company and provides a lot of insight into current projects and their progress in the social media area. Customer communication is also part of this. Discover many different innovative products or simply let yourself be inspired. Much is made by hand. Manufactured products 100% Made in Germany.

The selection includes for example: Memo games, craft sets, DIY, animal heads, canned mail (similar to greeting card), post & greeting cards or regional and more!

Look around a bit with us 😊

Werftstraße 35
18057 Rostock
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